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Some people are so worried about visiting the dentist, they avoid attending regular appointments or getting vital treatment to protect the health of their teeth and in the meantime their dental health can suffer irreversible damage.

At Ivory Dental Care, our friendly team do all they can to help make the experience at the dentist a positive one.


Nerves at the dentist can be due to a variety of reasons including:

  • Bad childhood experiences
  • Concern about potential pain
  • Feeling out of control
  • Fear of being judged if their teeth are in poor condition
  • Sounds of dental equipment
  • A needle phobia

If you are nervous, there are many ways to help to ease your dental anxieties.

  • Noise cancelling headphones
  • TV’s in treatment rooms at Park Rd
  • Meet and greet with Dentists and Staff before appointments

Conscious sedation

At Ivory Dental, we offer conscious sedation to patients who are very nervous about their treatment. Sedation uses a medicine that helps you to relax while making sure you are lucid and awake.

The effect is something like being awake but extremely relaxed and comfortable. You’ll be able to follow commands, but will have no memory of the treatment so even a long appointment in surgery might seem like just a few minutes.

Why choose to have sedation?

Makes you feel completely relaxed

Sedation will put fears to rest but also relax you so you don’t experience some of the issues that cause dental phobia in the first place such as a strong gag reflex.

The treatment is safe

A trained clinician is always at hand to monitor you throughout the treatment. We make sure you arrive at the practice with someone to escort you home as the effects last after the treatment. We will not carry out the treatment without ensuring your safety after the treatment.

It can help more than dental phobia

Having a fear of the dentist can really impact your dental health as you start to avoid important dental health examinations. By having sedation, you can start to reaffirm positive experiences with the dental chair, helping to get your routine dental care back on track.

Can I have sedation?

We will need to carefully assess your general health before going ahead with sedation. We will provide you with plenty of help and advice. You will need someone to accompany you to the practice and to escort you home as the side effects of the sedation last after the treatment.

Please note: We can only provide IV sedation treatment at our Park Road practice.

Are you a nervous patient? Speak to our team if you think sedation will help.
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