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Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Giving your child all the care and attention they require, will positively impact their oral health now and for the rest of their life.

At Ivory Dental, we treat smiles of all ages and see all members of the family.

We encourage you to introduce your child to the dentist as soon as their very first tooth appears (usually when they are around six months old). Early visits will help your child feel relaxed about attending dental appointments. Your dentist will offer helpful advice, including brushing and dietary advice.

A combination of regular visits to the dentist from a young age, developing a good dental care routine at home and encouraging a healthy diet will help keep your child’s teeth in great condition for life.

Children’s preventative dental care

We have additional treatments to help new adult teeth have the best chance at lasting a long time. Fissure sealants can be used on the back teeth to prevent bacteria from entering the narrow grooves. We may also use fluoride varnishes to strengthen young teeth.
Some contact sports in school require a mouthguard. We can have custom-made mouthguards created from impressions of your child’s teeth, offering them the best protection.

Children’s Orthodontics

We monitor the development of your child’s mouth and teeth, from the first exam. If there are any concerns with teeth alignments, ortho (braces) may be a great option to address any issues. We love to create a healthy smile for life.

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