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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

As well as making sure your teeth and gums are healthy, we also offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic treatments to enhance your smile, whether you are seeking a simple freshen up or a complete mouth makeover.

From simple tooth whitening and white fillings to custom-made crowns and dental implants, we can provide a whole spectrum of attractive solutions.

Cosmetic dentistry can make a huge impact on your self-confidence by enhancing your smile. As our teeth naturally darken with age, whitening can give a youthful boost to your appearance. We can use bonding to transform teeth that are letting your smile down and can similarly use veneers to achieve dramatic results. We also provide facial aesthetics which can help keep you looking young.

Teeth whitening

White smiles are more achievable than ever before. At Ivory, we offer both home whitening kits and in-practice whitening so you can choose the treatment that’s most convenient and suitable for you.

Composite bonding

We can use the same techniques we use for white fillings to improve and transform teeth that are ruining your smile. If you have a chipped tooth or some discolouration, we can use bonding to return your tooth to its natural shape and colour. Bonding can also be used to build up tooth surfaces that have worn away from excessive teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism).

Teeth Straightening

Straightening crooked teeth can make a big difference to your smile and as modern orthodontic appliances are much more discreet and faster acting, they are ideal for adult patients. As well as looking neater, a straighter smile is also healthier as properly aligned teeth are much easier to keep clean. Invisalign is the main way we straighten teeth, being very affective and comfortable.

Achieve the smile you’ve always wanted with our cosmetic treatments. Book a consultation today.
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