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Bonding and contouring

Bonding and contouring

Composite bonding can be used to repair or modify the shape of teeth that are letting your smile down.

This technique is incredibly versatile and can correct a number of issues. The main benefit is how we don’t have to damage any of the existing tooth. The composite resin is built directly onto the tooth surface.

As the composite is colour-matched to your teeth, the end result looks just like a natural tooth. Rebuilding the shape of a tooth takes skill and our dentists are adept at creating life-like restorations.

Why have composite bonding?

  • Rebuilding the external shell will stop any tooth pain and protect the sensitive internal structure of the tooth.
  • As we colour-match the composite to your teeth, the restoration looks natural and just like your natural teeth.
  • There’s no need to remove a layer of enamel so the existing integrity of your tooth is untouched.
  • Bonding can be used to repair and reshape teeth that have worn away through grinding, improving the overall bite.

What’s involved in the treatment?

As we carry out the restoration in our practice, we can repair and improve your smile in one appointment. We use a special gel to prepare the surface, then clean and dry the tooth. The composite resin is added to the tooth in layers, gradually building up the shape. We then use a special light to harden the resin. All that’s left is to polish the tooth and it looks as good as new.

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