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26 March 2014

Have you ever been concerned about the way your crooked teeth look? Find it difficult to clean in between your teeth because of the way your teeth overlap? Have you ever been put off by the thought of wearing braces for a long time or the way the traditional metal braces look?

Here at Ivory Dental Care we now offer a range of orthodontic appliances (brace systems) that are fast acting and very discreet.

For more information have a look at As the name suggests the average treatment time with this system is just 6 months and the braces are nearly invisible.

Also check out This is another discreet system that is removable and can achieve quick results with more simple cases.

If this is something you would like to consider then please discuss this with your dentist at your next check up appointment or if you are an existing patient here at Ivory Dental Care then why not book yourself in for a free no obligation consultation with Mr. Scott Singleton to see if any of these systems are suitable for you.

Prices range from ?1500 to ?2500 depending on the system and the complexity of the treatment required. To help with payment we can spread the cost over the duration of the treatment or arrange interest free finance over 12 months for you.

We are also currently offering an introductory 20% discount for the first 10 patients that go ahead with 6 Month Smiles treatment.

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