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15 August 2023

Dental tourism is on the rise as more people than ever look to create their perfect smile on a budget – but do you know the risks of getting dental procedures done abroad?

While it might save you money initially, the long-term impact can be devastating if things go wrong. If you’re considering getting dental treatment in Turkey, Thailand, Budapest, or another popular dental tourism destination, ask yourself if you have considered the risks.

You might not have legal protection if something goes wrong.

When you undergo any treatment, you know exactly where to go if something goes wrong. If you’re still in pain days after the treatment, you know that the dentist can have you back in the chair the same day to check if everything is healing as it should. With overseas dental treatment, you have no such protection. All dental professionals in the UK are monitored by the General Dental Council, and there is a clear legal process if you are unhappy with your treatment. If you go overseas, you will have no such legal protection. If the dental surgeon abroad makes a mistake, you might not have legal resources to force them to correct it. If you are not a resident in the country, it can be difficult to navigate the legal system. You might need to instruct a local solicitor to help, resulting in legal bills on top of the cost of restorative work.

Language barriers can get in the way.

You may know enough of the language to say hello or good morning, but medical language is a lot more difficult to master. If you do not speak the language, this can create a very stressful situation. If there is no one present who speaks English, you may be left in the dark throughout your treatment. This can be very stressful and scary. It can also make it more difficult to ask follow up questions or follow the treatment plan if something changes, and further costs can be incurred.

The treatment plan may change.

It’s very uncommon for dentists to give you a treatment plan before their initial consultation, but with overseas dental work, this is the norm. Because you won’t meet your dentist until you arrive at your destination for treatment, they can’t give you an accurate idea of the work required. This could mean that your treatment plan changes on arrival. Since the turnaround on this type of trip is often very tight, you may not have the proper time to consider your options. Some patients even feel pressured into accepting treatment that they don’t really want because they have travelled so far.

It’s difficult to follow up.

After dental procedures, follow-up care and maintenance are crucial for long-term oral health. If you receive treatment abroad and return to your home country, it may be challenging to access follow-up care or address any potential complications that arise. It can be difficult for your usual dentist to determine if the dental work has healed correctly if they weren’t involved in the treatment plan.  You have no support if something goes wrong.

What’s the catch?

More often than not, if something seems too good to be true, it is – and with the promise of a holiday, free hotel stays and a full set of dental implants all costing less than it would be to have just the treatment alone in the UK – something must be a miss! Although it isn’t the case for every dentistry clinic abroad, often, if the price is so cheap, it’s because the materials used are cheap too. That’s the only logical way that clinics can offer other extras such as travel expenses or accommodation. And do you really want to opt for cheap and cheerful when it comes to your oral health?  If you’re seriously considering getting dental implants abroad, you will want to do all the research you can on the dentist and the clinic who will be taking care of you. Including reputable review sites. If you’re struggling to find much in the way of qualifications, experience, or specialisms – it’s a sure-fire sign that they are not that reputable.

If you are considering implants abroad, it’s worth looking at your options in the UK as well to see how they compare.

At Ivory Dental Care we started placing Dental Implants in 2006 and have since placed 1000’s! We have a highly qualified, professional, and experienced implant team available to tend to your enquiry. Our cross-infection control is second to none and you will receive the highest standard of care and materials throughout your treatment.

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