Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a permanent solution for your missing teeth.

Mr Readshaw and  Mr Doyle offer advanced dental treatment using implants. These state of the art devices can be made to fuse with the underlying bone to provide support for bridge work, dentures or single missing teeth. They are very good for stabilising loose lower dentures and to restore missing teeth, leaving the patient denture free and having teeth as nature intended.

A dental implant is essentially a substitute for a natural root and commonly it is screw or cylinder shaped.

Each implant is placed into a socket carefully drilled at the precise location of the intended tooth. Often the implant can be placed at the same time as removal of the tooth all on the same day.

If an implant has a screw-thread on its outer surface it can be screwed into position and if it does not, it is usually tapped into place. The main aim during placement of any implant is to achieve immediate close contact with the surrounding bone. This creates an initial stability, which over time is steadily enhanced by further growth of bone into microscopic roughnesses on the implant surface.

In order to support replacement teeth, dental implants normally have some form of internal screw thread or post space that allows a variety of components to be fitted. Once fitted, these components provide the foundation for long-term support of crownsbridges or dentures.

The Straumann Dental Implant System offers a number of implant lines for the successful treatment of all surgical indications in oral implantology.

The Astra Tech implant system is the best solution for permanent replacement of one or more teeth. Our system is the result of extensive scientific research and clinical studies. A well-proven solution that is 40 years old!

Association of Dental Implantology
The ADI aims to provide the public with an improved understanding of the benefits of implantology, and Members with the benefits of continuous skills development, safeguarding standards.