Park Road

The site at Park Road has a long mixed history. Thomas Motors originally occupied the corner of Park Road and Whitegate Drive. Park Road in the late 1920s being just a track. In 1938 the Oxford cinema was built between Thomas Motors and the Oxford public house.

Falling cinema audiences caused the Oxford cinema to close in 1960 and Thomas Motors occupied the entire site. At this time a petrol station was built on the site now occupied by the dental surgery.

The petrol station continued until the late 1990s when Thomas Motors left the site and it was acquired as an investment venture. The site was split up and the petrol station bought for redevelopment by Autoglass. After extensive environmental checks by Shell Downstream, which included testing every cubic metre of earth removed and the water as far away as Stanley Park Lake and Marton Mere, a new building specifically for Autoglass was built.

Ivory Dental Care acquired the building from Autoglass in December 2008.

We have done extensive work on this building to make it into a dental surgery but we were fortunate that we could start with a basically empty shell and build a state of the art dental surgery inside the existing structure. A small plant room had to be built to the right of the building, as you look at it, to house some specialist equipment. The new facilities give the practice more office space that was lacking at the Whitegate Drive site, also room to expand as Whitegate Drive was at capacity. There are at present 4 surgeries at Park Road but there is room for expansion for many years to come, we need to expand as we are constantly asked to see friends and relatives of existing patients as well as referrals for advanced dental care from our colleagues in the area. The extra room will enable us to expand the range of our available treatments and offer the most up-to-date dentistry to our patients.